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A Fansite Dedicated to George Frideric Handel


Most online resources for classical composers provide only basic and encyclopedic information, rather than being true fan pages. Our website is designed to be useful and entertaining for all levels of interest, and to help preserve the works and memory of this musical genius. Ours is also the only site that currently tracks Handel concerts throughout the world.

Last updated January 3rd, 2019 – The worldwide concert listings page for 2019 has been updated (with much help from Tony Watts) to include dozens of new events in hundreds of cities on five continents. Enjoy!


George Frideric Handel was born on the 23rd of February, 1685. He lived a long and prolific life, completing over thirty operas and twenty oratorios, among other works. Here we are dedicated to encouraging the performance of these works, and spreading knowledge of this wonderful, but often neglected composer.

How, one might ask, can we deem Handel "neglected" when his work is played by orchestras everywhere? The answer is quite simple: that given the quantity and quality of Handel’s music, only a small fragment is performed regularly, and frequently it is not his best. This is particularly true in the USA, though in recent decades Handel's music has begun to win the audience it deserves.

Goals of this website:

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For the Handel Newbie - Anyone wishing to learn more about Handel and his works should begin with our FAQ section and these pages. A biography and list of selected pieces (and where to find them) will help you to become better acquainted with his life and music. Anywhere you see the icon to the left you can click to be connected to excellent pieces on my Youtube channel. We also have a links section to help you locate further information.

For the Handel Fanatic - We strive to keep a lengthy list of Handel concerts throughout the world for those wishing to hear him live. We also have some other features for fanatics to explore. Share stories about Handel and vote for your favorite works. And for those seeking more info we are happy to provide links to other Handel sites with comprehensive biographies, work chronologies, recording discographies, MIDI files, and libretto texts.

We appreciate any feedback so please do not hesitate to email us at . Enjoy your visit!