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Even many students of classical music are unaware of the vast majority of Handel’s output, chiefly due to the immense popularity of a couple famous pieces. For anyone seeking more familiarity with a broader spectrum of his work, this section aims to start you down the path. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions and browse the pages below. Thanks for visiting!


First you will find a short biography for George Frideric Handel. There are plenty of more extensive ones out there, and check out our links section to explore them. But this will provide a bit of background to the phases of his career, and the genres in which he worked.


Here we list a few of his more spectacular works, along with suggestions about where to start. Again, comprehensive catalogs and manuscripts are available elsewhere online. See our links section.

Where to Shop

Get tips on where to find the best works in the Where to Shop section. Learn how to get more Handel for less money.

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