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    About The PHS

    For Handel Fanatics

    Handel Statue in Halle, Germany

    If you have explored our other pages, or otherwise deem yourself a serious Handel fan, check out this section. You are very much encouraged to participate with our interactive features as well.


    Vote for your favorite oratorio, opera, chorus, aria, duet, overture, or whatever, in our polls section. Submit votes to and make your voice heard. Results will be updated every so often.


    This section of the website lets you share your stories. How did you come to be a Handel fan? What makes you a fanatic? You can tell us, we’re all friends here. Submit stories and they may get posted.

    Why I’m a Handel Fanatic

    Here you can read ramblings from the guy who founded this site. Learn why I'm a Handel fanatic, and why this site exists.

    Where to Shop

    Get tips on where to find the best works in the Where to Shop section. Learn how to get more Handel for less money.

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